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OS X won't sleep on power

Today I came across an issue where a Mac running OS X wouldn't sleep on power, but would sleep fine when on battery. The root cause was a stuck print job in the printer queue. Read on for instructions on how to troubleshoot power and sleep issues on OS X.

In OS X the pmset -g assertions command gives you a summary of the power management assertions in affect.

bob@mymac:~$ pmset -g assertions
22/04/12 12:13:18 PM AE 
Assertion status system-wide:
   ChargeInhibit                           0
   PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep             0
   PreventUserIdleSystemSleep              0
   NoRealPowerSources_debug                0
   CPUBoundAssertion                       0
   EnableIdleSleep                         1
   PreventSystemSleep                      1 ...

— Andrew

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