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Adlibre's Open Source Document Management Software - a sneak preview of new UI

I'm pleased to announce that we've been very busy at Adlibre working on the public release of the Adlibre DMS document management system. It's not yet up on Adlibre's github page, but it will be there very soon...

Unlike other document management software, we've built this to be Open and Scalable right from the get-go. So it's 100% open source, and has a flexible plugin architecture, so you can easily adjust the software to your requirements.

We've taken the view that document archiving in a business should be secure and ubiquitous. A document ...

— Andrew

Automatically print a PDF generated with ReportLab using JavaScript

It seems everyone is asking how to embed JavaScript in a PDF created with ReportLab.

Google also use this PDF feature to allow for printing of proprietary office documents from their Gmail service. Google's method is somewhat different and they bind the JavaScript to the first object in the document and trigger it by referencing it with the Names entity as shown below.

1 0 obj
2 0 obj
<</Names[(0000000000000000) 1 0 R]>>
3 0 obj

I was not able to use the ...

— Andrew

Adlibre TMS - a free Timesheet & Expense tracking system for Saasu

Finally after far too much development, and bouts of bitrot we've released our Adlibre TMS - timesheet and expense tracking system as open source software.

Adlibre TMS is an easy to use timesheet and expense tracking system with web service API interfaces to Saasu online accounting. With Adlibre TMS it is trivial to bill clients to time and expenses.

This tool has been designed with contractors and consultants in mind, yet it is flexible enough to bend to fit almost any business.

We wrote this application for our own needs and are now making it 100% freely available. The source ...

— Andrew

In search of a Django shop

I've been looking for a Django powered general purpose e-commerce shop solution for a while.

It seems that there are still only three contenders in this space...

I haven't yet had a chance to fully evaluate all three of these in detail, but I hope to find the time over the next few days and I will update this post with a relevant comparison (or at least let you know which one I chose for my next project).

Update 2012-01-17:

So after looking at the above we determined:

  • Django Shop - too immature ...

— Andrew

How to install and setup a Python Django development environment on Windows 7

Step 1: Install Cygwin & Python

To get started we need to setup a Python environment running under Cygwin. First make your way over to cygwin.com and run their installer.

Most of the installation is just clicking next, and accepting the defaults:

Cygwin Python Installation 1

Click next:

Cygwin Python Installation 2

Click next:

Cygwin Python Installation 3

Click next:

Cygwin Python Installation 4

Click next:

Cygwin Python Installation 5

Choose your closest Mirror. We like Internode!

Cygwin Python Installation 6

This is where we stop clicking next and select our packages.

Select Python:

Cygwin Python Django Installation - Package Selection 1

We'll probably need to install a Subversion client, so also select that:

Cygwin Python Django Installation - Package Selection 2

wget will make installing the Django stuff easier:

Cygwin Python Django Installation - Package Selection 3

gcc and gcc++ will be needed later to compile ...

— Andrew

Django PIL Error - The file you uploaded was either not an image or a corrupted image.

When uploading an image with Django admin, or a Django based CMS, you receive the following error:

Upload a valid image. The file you uploaded was either not an image or a corrupted image.

The solution, on CentOS, Red Hat and Fedora, is to ensure that Python Image Library (PIL) is installed and compiled after libjpeg-devel is installed:

sudo yum install libjpeg-devel
workon mysite
pip uninstall PIL
pip install PIL

This will compile PIL with the correct JPG support and fix the error above.

— Andrew

Django Resources

After spending the last 6 weeks trawling the Internet for Django resources, I thought it would be worthwhile putting together a page with the best Django resources. So here it is folks! NB. More to come in the following weeks! I will endeavor to keep this page updated over will be adding a lot more content as I have time. Updated, 14th May 2010.

Resource Sites




— Andrew

How to install Django-CMS on CentOS 5.4 with Python 2.6

The other day I was playing around with Django CMS and battling to get it installed on CentOS 5.4. I thought I'd put these notes together in the hope that someone might find them useful. NB. These instructions are not 100% polished, but should be sufficient to get you up and running.

This will install Django 1.1.1 and Python 2.6 on CentOS 5.4, using Apache and mod_python!

Special thanks to fink from #django-cms on irc.freenode.net for his patience and advice, and the other bloggers around the globe that have written useful articles ...

— Andrew

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