Adlibre's Open Source Document Management Software - a sneak preview of new UI

I'm pleased to announce that we've been very busy at Adlibre working on the public release of the Adlibre DMS document management system. It's not yet up on Adlibre's github page, but it will be there very soon...

Unlike other document management software, we've built this to be Open and Scalable right from the get-go. So it's 100% open source, and has a flexible plugin architecture, so you can easily adjust the software to your requirements.

We've taken the view that document archiving in a business should be secure and ubiquitous. A document management system should not be a silo. It should be OPEN, and it should be SECURE.

A little bit more info from our official product documentation:

Adlibre DMS is a web based media and Document Management System (DMS). It liberates you from hard-copy paper systems by creating a digital vault for your documents that can be accessed from anywhere. The core philosophy is that your documents are secure, yet accessible from wherever they are required. With Adlibre DMS you can make your documents universally available within your business and across all your applications and systems.

It is the perfect system for archiving and transaction oriented document workflows.

And because it has a flexible architecture it is ideal for government and enterprise users, or smaller businesses looking for a document management platform to build on.

Key features

  • Web services API (REST) for all core functionality - easily integrated with 3rd party applications
  • Extensible architecture - easily add new features via plugins
  • Cross Platform - mobile device ready
  • Scalable - designed to store 100's of millions of documents
  • Unlimited document indexes and meta-data.

Technical features

  • Built with Python & Django
  • CouchDB meta-data backend (NoSQL)
  • Very minimal hardware requirements.

The new "MUI" user interface

So without further delay, here's a sneak peak at our MUI interface. This interface is automatically adjusted according to your document type configuration in the back-end. It's designed to be simple and fast. When you define your document types and metadata fields, the screens are automatically adjusted.

Home page:

Document Management Software

Indexing a new document with simple metadata requirements:

Document Management Software

This new user interface relies on CouchDB for it's scalability and features such as type ahead (autocomplete) of key fields. The MUI will be available when Adlibre DMS is released in a few weeks time.

For More information or to be notified when Adlibre DMS source is made available drop us a line.

— Andrew

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