Adlibre TMS - a free Timesheet & Expense tracking system for Saasu

Finally after far too much development, and bouts of bitrot we've released our Adlibre TMS - timesheet and expense tracking system as open source software.

Adlibre TMS is an easy to use timesheet and expense tracking system with web service API interfaces to Saasu online accounting. With Adlibre TMS it is trivial to bill clients to time and expenses.

This tool has been designed with contractors and consultants in mind, yet it is flexible enough to bend to fit almost any business.

We wrote this application for our own needs and are now making it 100% freely available. The source code can be downloaded from our Github development page

We encourage the technically minded to head over to our Github page and check it out.

Adlibre TMS is build using Python / Django, and anyone familiar with the Django framework should have no problem getting it up and running, or modifying it to add features.

For the curious we have a demonstration website. Just login with username demo, password: demo and you can see how it works.

Saasu Integration

We developed Adlibre TMS with Saasu integrations because that is what we use internally at Adlibre. However there is no reason why the tool could not be extended to integrate with other products. In fact we intend to soon provide support for saving expense documents and receipts directly into our document management system - Adlibre DMS.

Bill a customer for time with Adlibre TMS and Saasu

If you're interested in using TMS for your business, or would like more information then feel free to drop us a line.

— Andrew

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