In search of a Django shop

I've been looking for a Django powered general purpose e-commerce shop solution for a while.

It seems that there are still only three contenders in this space...

I haven't yet had a chance to fully evaluate all three of these in detail, but I hope to find the time over the next few days and I will update this post with a relevant comparison (or at least let you know which one I chose for my next project).

Update 2012-01-17:

So after looking at the above we determined:

  • Django Shop - too immature, but rapidly developing in the right direction. This'll be the one to keep an eye on
  • LFS - did not seem to have the right mix of features for our purposes
  • Satchmo - Ugly internals - I understand now why Django Shop is being developed. However Satchmo is very feature rich.

We ended up choosing Satchmo for our latest project and it seems pretty good for our purposes. Our main issues were:

  • Deployment - Satchmo requires specific versions of some packages, and the current pypi version contains a critical bug related to discounts (they don't work)! I know this is a fairly common issue with Python applications, but to deploy Satchmo in a consistent fashion is a bit of a handfull.

  • Templates - the base templates that ship with Satchmo suck. I mean they really suck. We were not able to find any third party ones to base our shop on so we ended up designing a new set of templates.

That's for now. We still have quite a bit of work to finalise the shop. So I will update as things develop.

— Andrew

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