When will CentOS 6 be released?

Update 20100-07-11: Out the gates...

CentOS 6 is now released!

Update 2011-07-04: Asking the wrong question...

You should be asking "When will AscendOS be released" ;)

Update 2011-07-04: Crystal ball gazing...

I'm putting money on CentOS 6 being out the gates by the end of this week...

Update 2011-06-06: Release date has slipped...

Looks like it's a case of CentOS 6 will be "done when it's done". The release date is now estimated to be 13th June 2011. But who really knows, Karanbir previously said "if you need something to plan against - think 4 to 6 weeks" (11 Nov 2010).

Update 2011-05-19: We have a date...

CentOS team are now running Open Atrium, which should provide the community with a better view on the internal workings of the CentOS crew.

And the release date is... 2011-06-06

Update 2011-03-26: 10% more to go...

Karanbir, @CentOS tweets:

CentOS-6 isnt far, we have about 10% packages that still need some level of attention. But focus for now is purely 5.6 and pending updates

So if that is any indication, I'd estimate we should see CentOS 6 in about 6 weeks time.

Update 2011-01-07: Complaints of resource bottlenecks...

Similar sentiment on the development mailing list: It seems I'm not the only one questioning when CentOS will be released, the development process and resource bottlenecks. Karanbir Singh responds to are there any chances to see finished CentOS6 in 2011 and spawns a massive reply chain:

So what is the release date for CentOS 6 Beta?

And we're all wondering when the latest version of CentOS Linux will be released out into the wild! It's been over a month since RHEL 6 shipped, and the RHEL Beta 6 was released in April. So you're probably wondering why has it taken so long for CentOS 6 to be released?

As of the date of this post, there is no official news yet as to when CentOS 6 will be made available, other than "we'll be told when it's released", and "it will be released when it's done". Hmm. Thanks, I guess. This is about as precise as their upstream source provider (Red Hat) were regarding their release estimates. Actually those quotes are my own, this is what was said by the CentOS forum moderator:

Please do not pester the CentOS developers with queries regarding the beta release. Details will be made available at the appropriate time.

Ok, now personally I'd prefer it if the CentOS guys were more open with the wider FOSS community, and at least pretended to keep the community up to date, lest we have a repeat of the CentOS 5 release delay. Now I'm not knocking the hard work that the CentOS devs do, you've gotta hand it to them for releasing such a fine Linux distribution, but it would be nicer if the community were not perceived to be locked out of the process.

I guess the answer as to why it has taken so long lies in the fact that there is a lot of work involved in re-branding and repackaging a distro with 1,000s of individual packages. It's not an overnight job. And upstream (Red Hat) only release their sources for RHEL6 last month, so they've got a lot of work to do.

It's also worth noting that there will not be a Beta release of CentOS 6. When CentOS 6 is released, it will be the final gold release.

Best Online Sources of CentOS 6 Release Information

Twitter is one of the best source timely of CentOS release information these days. Not much coming from the CentOS forums, twitter seems to be a good place to start:

The CentOS bugtracker also gives a good indication of how much work still has to be done. Filter on the CentOS-6 project to see how many issues are outstanding:

Or use the Audit Status wiki page which is automatically generated from the CentOS bug tracker:

The CentOS developers mailing list also provides some information about release issues:

Of course I'll update this post when it is finally released. Until then we'll have to wait and see when it's finally let out ;)

— Andrew

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  1. Rudi
    Rudi on 01/02/2011 2:04 p.m.

    Scientific Linux has a v6 beta 3 out if you want to get an idea of the new software and setup in RHEL6 based OSes.


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