Adlibre's Open Source Document Management Software - a sneak preview of new UI

I'm pleased to announce that we've been very busy at Adlibre working on the public release of the Adlibre DMS document management system. It's not yet up on Adlibre's github page, but it will be there very soon...

Unlike other document management software, we've built this to be Open and Scalable right from the get-go. So it's 100% open source, and has a flexible plugin architecture, so you can easily adjust the software to your requirements.

We've taken the view that document archiving in a business should be secure and ubiquitous. A document ...

— Andrew

OS X won't sleep on power

Today I came across an issue where a Mac running OS X wouldn't sleep on power, but would sleep fine when on battery. The root cause was a stuck print job in the printer queue. Read on for instructions on how to troubleshoot power and sleep issues on OS X.

In OS X the pmset -g assertions command gives you a summary of the power management assertions in affect.

bob@mymac:~$ pmset -g assertions
22/04/12 12:13:18 PM AE 
Assertion status system-wide:
   ChargeInhibit                           0
   PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep             0
   PreventUserIdleSystemSleep              0
   NoRealPowerSources_debug                0
   CPUBoundAssertion                       0
   EnableIdleSleep                         1
   PreventSystemSleep                      1 ...

— Andrew

Automatically print a PDF generated with ReportLab using JavaScript

It seems everyone is asking how to embed JavaScript in a PDF created with ReportLab.

Google also use this PDF feature to allow for printing of proprietary office documents from their Gmail service. Google's method is somewhat different and they bind the JavaScript to the first object in the document and trigger it by referencing it with the Names entity as shown below.

1 0 obj
2 0 obj
<</Names[(0000000000000000) 1 0 R]>>
3 0 obj

I was not able to use the ...

— Andrew

Adlibre TMS - a free Timesheet & Expense tracking system for Saasu

Finally after far too much development, and bouts of bitrot we've released our Adlibre TMS - timesheet and expense tracking system as open source software.

Adlibre TMS is an easy to use timesheet and expense tracking system with web service API interfaces to Saasu online accounting. With Adlibre TMS it is trivial to bill clients to time and expenses.

This tool has been designed with contractors and consultants in mind, yet it is flexible enough to bend to fit almost any business.

We wrote this application for our own needs and are now making it 100% freely available. The source ...

— Andrew

In search of a Django shop

I've been looking for a Django powered general purpose e-commerce shop solution for a while.

It seems that there are still only three contenders in this space...

I haven't yet had a chance to fully evaluate all three of these in detail, but I hope to find the time over the next few days and I will update this post with a relevant comparison (or at least let you know which one I chose for my next project).

Update 2012-01-17:

So after looking at the above we determined:

  • Django Shop - too immature ...

— Andrew

How to resize a VMDK using Qemu tools

It is possible to resize a VMware .VMDK file without using the VMware tools.

The QEMU disk image utility comes with qemu-img a tool which allows you to convert virtual disk formats.

To resize a VMDK using qemu-img

# First convert the vmdk to raw format
# NB. Make sure you reference the actual disk image and not the .vmdk descriptor file
qemu-img convert linux-flat.vmdk linux.raw

# Extend the vmdk using dd. 
# Here we are extending the disk to 16G using dd. The resulting file will be sparse
dd if=./linux.raw of=./linux-16G.raw BS=1M seek=16384 oflag=append ...

— Andrew

Ascendos - the start of something big

Generic Enterprise Linux is now days too important. We believe it's used by too many people (and large organisations) for the release cycles, the future and the engagement of the community to be beholden to one project.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a real community driven Enterprise Linux (EL) project? One that was accountable to it's user-base, and could engage the Enterprise Linux community (and commercial users) in new ways?

What about an Enterprise Linux project that was able to reduce the duplication of effort in debranding our favourite upstream distro? Leading to benefits for ...

— Andrew

How to Install WolfCMS on CentOS 5 in five minutes flat

Here's another one of our famous 5 minute install guides. This one is for Centos 5.6 and WolfCMS (aka FrogCMS) version 0.75.

Once again this assumes a clean install of CentOS 5, with nothing else on the box. If your setup is slightly different you will need to make allowances.

Install our pre requisites

# Install the necessary software
yum install -y httpd mysql-server php53 php53-mysql wget
# Turn on the Services
chkconfig httpd on
chkconfig mysqld on
# Start the services
service httpd start
service mysqld start

Download WolfCMS and put the files in /var/www/html

cd /tmp ...

— Andrew

Distribute.IT hack, a tale of woe and what can we learn

The recent high profile hack of Distribute.IT has been generating quite a lot of noise over the last few days amongst the Australian Internet industry. And we've received a few emails from our dedicated hosting customers wanting to know more about the details of the hack and how it could affect them.

The truth is, most of the details surrounding the "hack" are sketchy. But we do know:

  • Four of Distribute.IT's shared hosting servers were involved,
  • Comprising over 4,800 sites involved
  • Offline, or otherwise logically separated backups were not available
  • and all data, websites and ...

— Andrew

The Joy of OpenVZ virtualisation

We are huge fans of OpenVZ container level virtualisation. Although we're quite puzzled as to why it is not more popular.

What is OpenVZ you ask?

OpenVZ is operating system-level virtualization based on a modified Linux kernel that allows a physical server to run multiple isolated instances known as containers, virtual private servers (VPS), or virtual environments (VE). The preferred term these days is container. Containers are sometimes compared to chroot or jail type environments but containers are really much better in terms of isolation, security, functionality, and resource management.

Why we use OpenVZ

In a nutshell: Because a ...

— Andrew

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